Retailers and Individual Sellers

A Great Desicion

So you have decided to join the nation of online sellers, Congratulations!.
You are about to start a wonderful journey and step into an ever growing marketplace. Look around you at this very moment. Almost any product you see can be sold online new or used. The world of products can be your online store inventory. From a local store to major wholesale companies, there are millions of individuals and businesses who are willing to give you their products to retail in your Online Store.
Imagine the possibilities!

The Opportunity

Remember the days you would pass by a retail store wishing you could own one?...
Those days are here. Now you can start a retail store, right from your living room. You don’t need a warehouse to store inventory. You don’t need to pay for a cashier to ring up your customers and no, you don’t have to open your store’s door every morning, it’s open 24/7/365. The world is your store and your customer.
An online retail store gives you the opportunity to sell anything to anyone from anywhere. The mobility and total freedom of space of an online store, will give you the chance to expend your audience from a local area, to worldwide.

How To Start

"You have a line of products to sell"

Start with getting to know your product and your consumer audience. You need to know what your product offers, where it stands in current market and who would be buying it. This process is called Products Market Analysis (PMA). Once your find your analysis favorable and with a solid marketing and advertising plan in place, you proceed with choosing a selling platform and listing your product to sell.

"You need to find products to sell"

Start with researching the current market by studying a list of “Best Selling” items, across few major platforms such as eBay, Amazon and Walmart. You will find plenty of products that you can source locally from a wholesaler in your state. You can also source these products by importing them from other countries.
The most important part of your online business is to find products that sells easily and fast, has a low return rate and brings you the most profits. To make sure you have a product that offers you all that, you need to perform a detailed and accurate PMA (Products Market Analysis). After your product passes the market test, start with sourcing and manufacturing and creating a solid advertising and marketing plan. Then choose the most suitable platform and start selling.

How We Can Help You

Step by Step coaching is our model.
Personalizing an action plan that suites your needs is what we focus on. Each seller has a unique idea and what they want to touch on .
We listen to you and come back with a plan that would paint a clear picture of first step to the last, and to your success

  • Product Selection

    We help you choose products to sell with high profit margins and low return rate
  • PMA (Products Market Analysis)

    Market Analysis of your current inventory or inventory that you are planning to source for your online store
  • Product sourcing

    We are the experts in Import and domestic sourcing
  • Listing products

    We increase your sales and conversion with an optimized listing. Optimized listings are rich and full of related and important contents, helping your listing convert at a higher rate
  • Product Photography for Product Listing

    Capture the best photos that help you sell
  • Advertising your Listings

    PPC (Pay Per Click) and Ad Campaigns, drive traffic to your listing. We create, optimize and monitor your ad campaigns
  • Seller Account Management

    We set up your seller account on platforms and help educate you on Terms of Service of each selling platform to prevent account suspensions
  • Shipments and Deliveries

    Set up and training to take advantage of best shipping methods, to provide the fastest delivery of goods to customer, while bringing the cost to minimum
  • All About Your Brand

    We help protect your brand and take it to new levels of recognition