Become the #1 sourcing option for online sellers

News Flash

If you are a wholesaler, we ask you to take a minute and walk into your warehouse. The inventory you see in front of you is sought by millions of online sellers every day!

The BIG Question

So here is the big question: Why are online sellers are sourcing on sites like, for an average of 4 hours in a working day, instead of sourcing their products directly from wholesalers locally, in U.S.A?

The Answer

The answer is simple: They don’t know about you and the inventory you can offer them to sell online!
Your company website might not agree with this answer. You see traffic to your wholesale website. There are thousands of visits every month, but yet you are still looking at thousands of items sitting in your warehouse.

The Solution

We have studied the market and have spoken and surveyed groups of online sellers. In a Facebook group of 40 thousand sellers, the question was asked: Why do you choose to source your products from overseas instead of buying from a Wholesaler in United States?
We heard many different answers, but one was given the most: I have looked for a Supplier locally and can’t find any that carries the products I need to source.
We all know this is not the case. We conducted a study of the wholesale environment in the United States for an extended 16 months period. This study included a complete and site wide inventory scan, market and margins analysis, and product selection choices.
Each and Every One of these Wholesalers had at least 5 and some up to 200 products in high quantity available in stock, which could be sourced by online sellers for resell.
As a wholesaler, your company most likely has Online Sellers as clients. They have called you with many questions that you don’t normally hear from your clients, who own retail stores. As a matter of fact, an online seller has a completely different approach to sourcing products. What an Online Seller looks for in a product that they want to source and resell, is different from a traditional Retail Store Owner, simply because they have a new and completely different selling platform and audience to work with.
In order to attract Online Sellers and to become their #1 Sourcing Option, a wholesaler must have a solid Product Presentation Plan (PPP)

How We Can Help

We bring our knowledge to your current operation.
Through a process of evaluation, we will design a step by step plan to present and sell your inventory to online sellers. We call this plan PPP, or Products Presentation Plan.
The PPP will be designed with one goal in mind: To Make Your Company The #1 Sourcing Option For Online Sellers
The PPP will include evaluation of your current operation and then offers solutions to achieve this goal
You must be wondering what your company’s PPP will be including. Below are some of the steps we take to develop a plan for your business.
  • Inventory Evaluation

    Is your inventory suitable for online sales?
  • Market Research

    We’ll gather data on your inventory. Margins, trends and current market demand
  • Presentation of Inventory

    Uniquely customized PPP for your business. A detailed plan that puts your current inventory on a silver platter and serves it to online sellers
  • Evaluation of current e-Commerce Team

    Are the members of your e-commerce sales team fully trained to meet the demands of e-tailers?
  • Organizing Your e-Commerce Sales Team

    Let’s organize and empower an e-Commerce sales team, to provide the best buying experience to e-tailers
  • Understanding an e-tailer’s Requirements and Behavior

    In order to service your clients better, you need to know what they need first. We will show you how an e-tialer thinks, what they look for in products and what they need from you
  • Bundles, Bundles and Bundles

    e-tailers often bundle products to add value and achieve higher profit margins. We will work your team to create efficient and profitable bundles to present to the market.

Free Evaluation of Your Businsess

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