How To Sell On Marketplace

In 2009 Wal-Mart entered the online marketplace game creating the Walmart Online Marketplace to give companies like Amazon a run for their money, literally. Since it's inception, Walmart now boasts 300 retailers and counting, including giants like Wayfair, eBags, and ProTeam. Third-party seller items are sold alongside Wal-Mart's online inventory with a "Walmart Marketplace" moniker to differentiate them from regular items. These items sold from third-parties are not sold in-stores or taken possession of by Wal-Mart. In August 2016 Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. acquired eCommerce giant, Inc. in a $3 billion deal. So what's in it for the seller? Their items are available to be sold in promotions, and not to mention a bigger consumer audience. Below we have highlight everything a potential Walmart Marketplace seller needs to know to get started.

Tips on How to Start Selling on

Here are Walmart Marketplace KPIs and metrics that you should be thinking about during your Walmart Marketplace seller application process: • What’s your seller order defect rate on Amazon (Make sure your Amazon order defect rate is less than 1% – this is a leading indicator) • What’s your seller feedback ratings across marketplaces (Make sure you have high Amazon and Ebay feedback ratings and have an explanation prepared for any low Amazon or Ebay seller feedback ratings. • What’s does your SKU distribution and catalog look like – are you the brand or a reseller? Walmart’s looking for a category leaders and brand owners and experts. • Are your company item’s fresh, new and hot on the e-commerce market or are they sunsetted and end of life? • Are you able to meet consumer demands and constantly have your product available and in-stock? Do you have over-selling prevention mechanisms in place to provide a superior customer experience to the Walmart consumer? • How often are you winning the Amazon Buy Box? Do you have 20% buybox share, 60% share or do you not compete with anyone in the Buy Box and control price across all the places you sell • How competitive are you on price if you do share the buybox with other Amazon sellers? Consumers are shopping on Walmart and need to know that their price is the lowest and they don’t need to look elsewhere. • What’s your customer support like? Who handles the customer support and what’s your Amazon seller feedback rating for the last 30-days? • Lastly, what is the return policy? Do you offer the same or better service than Amazon? How will you translate your return policy to selling on Walmart?
Walmart islooking for relationships with reputable retailers and brands that provide: First-class customer service Unique product assortment Competitive pricing Fast and reliable fulfillment
Walmart’s verification process is proprietary and confidential. They make every effort to move the seller through the process as quickly as possible.
The Walmart Marketplace API can be broken into two groups: Item API: To ingest, update and retire items Transaction API: To update prices and inventory, and to manage orders The API is designed with REST standards in mind. It is designed to have resource-oriented URLs that are predictable and to use HTTP response codes to indicate API errors. Choose your integration method The first step before proceeding with item setup is to choose your integration method. The API integration method: This is a standard method of integration with web-based applications; it requires some programming. This method is very stable and scalable. It is recommended that you choose this method if you are publishing a large catalog of items on Walmart and have a technical team to support your operations. Bulk Upload method - This method involves inserting your catalog details into Excel spreadsheets. This method is easy and does not require any technical capabilities. This method is recommended for sellers with a limited catalog. ​Integration Partner - You can integrate through an Integration Partner rather than integrating directly with

A Very Important Note to all dear Sellers

Selling on is very simple, once you get your API service set up to load your inventory to the marketplace and manage it for you. It's very important to get in touch with a provider and educate yourself about all aspects of API system and basics of how it works. We are here to help you understand this process and make sure that you take the correct steps to start your journey. We highly recommend that you seek help from a professional, if you are not familiar with API and it's process. You DON'T want to make a mistake in your setup and miss your orders and get your seller account suspended, before you can start.